Moon Goddess
I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic. With Tarot and my Guides to assist, my readings are precise and informative. Our time together will empower you to handle the curve balls that life throws us. *Warning*: We tell only the truth!

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Sep-28-2019 Xstina  Hi Moon! Were you saying that you see more financial opportunities? Unfortunately if the guy leaves, he will go somewhere else but he told me I can take his talent wherever I go. Lmk thank you so much ! Christina

Sep-20-2019 eriley2006  I am a repeat client of Moon’s for several years now. I believe that Moon is an outstanding psychic with a unique range of psychic talents used in her readings. She is passionate, always gives the most precise detail at the fastest speed! The best.

Sep-19-2019 LadyD17  Great talking to you again and catching up, thank you for your kindness and looking forward to a new beginning.

Sep-19-2019 Foodiebles  Seemed great but we cut off at the 3 minute mark. Which sucks but thanks anyway

Sep-18-2019 pili0324  sorry but not very well conected

Sep-17-2019 bibianne  Ill do that and give you a feedback , Tks

Sep-11-2019 Inneke  Very in depth, a lot of information, spot on. Thank you!

Sep-05-2019 Sunny0110  Always a 10, Thank you!! I hope this is only the beginning of the relationship I have been trying to manifest for a long time. I've worked on myself so much, I hope I can finally find my happiness with Alex! XOXO

Sep-04-2019 dylan63  Immediate connection. Sound advice and consistent. Highly recommend!

Sep-04-2019 gswafford  

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