Mystic Shelley
I am a five-star psychic, a Reiki healer, a Clairvoyant and empathy reader. I offer clients honest answers about past, present and future events. With the help of my eight trusted guides at your service, you will receive remarkably accurate answers.

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Mar-12-2019 HuiHuixiang  Thank you very much for your reading. It is very helpful.

Mar-12-2019 trekkie1969  My reading was actually a few days ago but I missed the link. You are a breath of fresh air. Exactly what I needed to know to move forward from this static place I've been feeling caught in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mar-08-2019 stefanie  Always a great reading. She confirm that he is around me and want to transfer job here. I will keep you posted thanks again God bless you

Mar-05-2019 Bonita  Thank you Shelly, connection got bad didn't hear what you were saying towards the end of the reading, can you please relay.

Mar-02-2019 Jdiggity  Excellent!

Feb-28-2019 stefanie  I don't know what I will do without her help. Always give me a hope that we have a soul connection and that he will come back home soon. I will keep you posted thanks again God bless you

Feb-26-2019 HuiHuixiang  Thank you Shelley for all the accurate predictions:).

Feb-23-2019 tameeka  Relay please

Feb-14-2019 EssieHope  Thank you Shelly for your reading as always very good communication from you. Thanks for your insight into the fortune.

Feb-13-2019 stefanie  Great as usual. I hope he get it together soon. The call about last night left me shocked. I'm confident he will fix this mess soon. Thanks again God bless you

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