Born into a family of clairvoyant women, I've always been able to see what's unfolding and hear what's unsaid. If a situation is intolerable, I'll help you to change it or see it in a new light. The success you deserve is within your grasp.

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Jun-11-2016 jp72162  Thank you!

Jun-06-2016 EMurphy  Thank you!

Jun-03-2016 SophiaScholl  The best! She saw a reversed tower pivotal in moving our relationship forward. That I would blow up and make an ultimatum. Never would happen with me, I thought. Then, I saw the photo of his ex wife's brand new baby! Score Indigo! Thanks

May-04-2016 EMurphy  Thank you

Apr-19-2016 MeganVale  Thank you very much. Great connection and insight.

Mar-30-2016 Stinabina  Very caring

Mar-12-2016 Babygirl1  

Mar-09-2016 Sunshine0705  It was great speaking with you. You gave me a positive reading and I look forward to the wonderful predictions. If you can send me a relay about my friend on when he will help me and when he recieves his money. Will I get a new car and when. Thank you

Feb-26-2016 diviations  true, genuine, straight-forward and great insight! thanks, indigo

Feb-13-2016 Caplican  Excellent!!!!!! She quickly saw the matter and gave me a choice of seeing all or not and I opted for all! What a great help she is!!!!!! I got answers and now I am not so unsure of my steps and I shall be kinder to me! thanx Indigo

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