Are you going through a difficult time? Do you need some guidance right now? Allow me to use my special gifts to help you. I am a gifted empath, intuitive card reader, spiritual counselor with 20 years and several lifetimes of experience helping others.

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Jul-09-2017 SamSow  Nancy for what I heard I thank you so much.

Jul-04-2017 puffpuff  Kind and gentle and on point reading. Just what I needed. Doing great! Thank you.

Jun-27-2017 Bonita  Thank you Nancy, very nice reading. Could you relay the last of our conversation before we got cut off.

Jun-24-2017 viktoria  Still the best empath around. Can you please relay the last part?

Jun-10-2017 Bonita  Nice reading, thank you for the quick relay

Apr-06-2017 Tjmcconnell  

Mar-20-2017 SheaBaby  Always excellent and I get a lot out of these sessions with Nancy. She is great and I feel very genuine and works with integrity. A good person, Thank you Nancy! :)

Mar-16-2017 jengil  Thank you Nancy! :-)

Mar-09-2017 Tjmcconnell  Thank you

Mar-05-2017 crisio2030  

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