With just an ordinary deck of playing cards, I can see your future unfold. If you want to know what is in the cards for you, I will use my natural gifts and 30+ years of experience to provide you with an incredibly accurate and detailed reading.

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Apr-18-2019 Redbottoms  Fabulous! First-time speaking with Raymond, definitely not the last. Thank you and God bless you.

Apr-17-2019 patlaw  3 blasts of siren Monday, car was not racing anywhere but gone when I got to the window, yesterday passed slowly, a minute ago a horn blew. Pretty sure it's "O". Low on funds can't call. Please ask your guides if it was him and send a relay.

Apr-17-2019 Elizabeth50  Your awesome please stay that way

Apr-15-2019 Mika5796  

Apr-14-2019 Wildcat52  Great as usual . Give him a ring you won't be sorry he has helped me so much with my situation with this guy who is acting like a child . I'm not texting him until it's more sweeter of a text or its an I love you text .

Apr-13-2019 Pjasam  Great kind,honest direct. Call. All kids at his house no bar an something up.

Apr-12-2019 Shany04  Thank you as always for the great reading! You are the best

Apr-12-2019 Pjasam  give him a call he's very good very intuitive he'll help you with any problems give him a call Raymond prayers prayers prayers please prayers prayers prayers for you

Apr-12-2019 Lauren57  

Apr-11-2019 Wildcat52  Once again impressive reading give him a call. So should I block him for a while maybe let him realize how much he misses me.or not answer his text messages for a while? Relay please

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