Soaring Spirit
With the help of my three guides, I'll deliver messages that will provide specific answers to your past, present & future situations. Laughter is the best medicine and with me you'll receive a reading that is accurate, meaningful and fun.

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Dec-28-2013 semjaza  Very clear didn 't waste time and knew what she was talking about. Thank you and Happy New Year.

Dec-02-2013 jlp1226  Seemed on track. Please relay your last thought.

Dec-02-2013 Mmac520  She is amazing and will def call again.

Nov-03-2013 sunsetami  First time talking to her and was amazed at her. Connected quickly and understood the poeple and personalities I called about. WILL talk to her again soon!

Sep-07-2013 warmfuzzies  Great as always. I 've been calling Soaring Spirit for years and will continue.

Jul-19-2013 jp72162  what a lovely reader! picked up the energy of the situation, accurately described details - hoping the prediction will be true!

Apr-06-2013 pierina  

Feb-23-2013 SonyaT  

Feb-23-2013 bcledfoot  Soaring Spirit has a great, warm, demeanor which instantly calms you. Her accurate description of the current state of things makes me have strong faith in her predictions. I would recommend to anyone that they give her a try

Jan-20-2013 wren51562  

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