A 3rd generation healer & reader from Kingston, Jamaica, I possess natural psychic gifts that will shine clarity on all your situations. Expert in tarot, dream interpretation & numerology, I will pinpoint where you are & what you need to do.

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Jul-17-2010 robiwon  

May-13-2010 lucija  Asherah,thanks for the E-mail ! Great reading as always !

Apr-19-2010 lucija  Great and accurate reading .Thanks again !

Apr-17-2010 wonnywu  very helpful...thankyou

Mar-22-2010 optimlightz  Highly Accurate, would recommend to everyone, thanks for sending me the update, I really appreciate. Will take your advice.

Mar-15-2010 lucija  Asherah knew what I was calling about and she was very honest and detailed .One of the best reading I ever had . Thanks !

Mar-15-2010 esmisotiz  Thanks so much for the great advise.

Mar-15-2010 lollipop  

Feb-19-2010 turtle74  thank-you. I 'm sorry we didn 't have more time!

Feb-17-2010 maraca  

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