A 3rd generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath. I devised my own time board to give accurate time frames for my predictions. I will connect directly to my guides and provide you with the answers you need to find light in even the darkest situations.

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Jun-25-2012 semjaza  Very good reading. Thanks.

Jun-22-2012 LadyKirwin  She was wonderfully insightful! I felt good about her reading, and the things she said she couldn 't have guessed at. I feel better about things, and content with how my life is going now.

Jun-21-2012 colspapp  EXCELLENT!!

Jun-15-2012 Susana  I tried to buy more time, but you didn 't let me. I guess she told me all I needed to know.

Feb-22-2012 tippie  

Feb-14-2012 waianaegirl  pretty thorough! was given a good time frame.. i just hate that i have to wait so long!!!

Feb-09-2012 semjaza  

Feb-08-2012 Islandnv  Mariella confirmed what other psychics said about m returning to me and to be patient . I will wait to see if everyone is right but this is going to be z long 2-3 months

Feb-02-2012 ecollectics  Thank you!

Feb-02-2012 ecollectics  Excellent reader!

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