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How To Spot A Psychic Scam

The Psychic Access team has compiled this checklist to help you identify fake services, fraudsters, con artists and online psychic scams.


No online presence and zero reputation

They claim to have been in business for years, but nobody has ever heard of them. You cannot find any information about them online, except maybe a free website or an online advertisement. Further red flags include slogans like "World Famous Psychic" or "Psychic To The Stars". The truth is, if they are truly that famous and renowned you will easily find more information about them online.

Established online presence and reputation

Real psychics have professional websites or they are employed by legitimate psychic service providers like Psychic Access, Inc. You will also find a lot of additional information about genuine psychics and services online, such as reviews, media coverage, articles, blogs, videos and information posted on forums and social networks. People know of them and talk about them online. has been operating since 2005 and we employ only genuine psychics and mediums. We also publish a respected and trend-setting psychic blog and have our own internet radio station with weekly broadcasts.

Faceless and mysterious

They only display a phone number on their site or the psychics are not identified with any authentic profile photos and videos. Instead of their real faces they represent themselves with clip art images of crystal balls, tarot cards, zodiac signs, rainbows or unicorns.

Also be wary of fake photos. An increasing number of scammers make use of commercial images they buy from online stock companies. The beautiful "Madame Mystic" in that picture could easily be a professional model, while the "psychic" behind the image could very well be a middle-aged man with no psychic ability whatsoever. Don't be fooled by appearances!

Clear identity and disclosure

The website contains detailed information about the psychics and the company. Psychics are identified with authentic photos, videos, detailed profile descriptions, professional biographies and information about their skills, abilities and work experience.

Psychic Access psychics are required to verify their identities by providing us with a government issued photo ID, so that when you see a photo of them on our site, you can be certain they are the real deal. We also feature them in free video chat rooms where you can chat to them in person, or watch their videos in our online gallery, or read more about their personal experiences and spiritual beliefs by following their personal blog posts on our official blog site.

No reviews or fake testimonials

There is an obvious absence of any feedback from the public or the site displays a few flimsy "testimonials" by previous customers that have clearly all been concocted by the same person. If there are reviews, read several of them on different pages and compare the different posts. Fake reviews will all be written with perfect spelling and punctuation, or show very poor use of language. Either way, always bear in mind that the psychic's customers would come from all walks of life and therefore each review will be written in a unique style and tone, with dissimilar use of spelling and punctuation. Also check for online complaints and a lack of response to such complaints.

Authentic customer feedback

There is a facility for customers to submit reviews of the service they received from each psychic. Individual psychics will often make use of an independent, external review submission services to authenticate their testimonials, while psychic networks will invite feedback from their clients and provide them with the necessary means to do so easily and quickly.

A reputable psychic company will also be reviewed by external sites, and they would welcome the input. From time to legitimate companies may also receive a complaint, but should you find any such complaints posted online, always check if the company followed up and responded to the report with clear answers.

Curse removals and spell casting

Scam psychics often prey on vulnerable and unsuspecting members of the public by convincing them that they are being attacked by evil entities or that they have been cursed by dark forces. First they win your trust and gather intimate personal information about you, before they begin to scare, coerce and intimidate you. Typically these scams involve special rituals that cost a lot of money or additional items you must buy to help remove the curse, such as candles, potions, crystals or charms.

Inspirational guidance and spiritual upliftment

The psychic offers an authentic spiritual or metaphysical service, always guiding you towards the greatest good. At Psychic Access we only employ true spiritual advisors, talented psychics, gifted mediums, energy healers and heart-based lightworkers. We don't "lift curses" and we don't do spell work, because we don't believe in it. There's no "negative energy" around you needing removal. There is no dark force you need to be cleansed of. These activities are all scams and we don't tolerate them.

Outlandish claims and offers that are too good

Avoid "famous master psychics" who make fantastic claims and offer some sort of special insight into your life. Stay away from those who want to sell you magic potions and lucky charms, and think twice when someone tells you they have the key to instant wealth or winning lottery numbers. Fraudsters, fakes and con artists stay in business because they are able to find gullible victims. Don't believe everything you read.

Authentic, skilled services

The psychic or company offers an authentic service based on actual paranormal talent, metaphysical skill and professional experience in spiritual work and healing.

At Psychic Access we aim to channel the world's highest quality psychic insight, transformational guidance and mediumship to clients around the world. We pride ourselves in the provision of unprecedented insight and outstanding customer service.

Anyone can apply, no verification, never tested

Just because someone claims to be psychic or clairvoyant does not mean it is true. Investigate the psychic's professional background or check the company's hiring policies.

Be cautious of any sites or services that allow anyone to register as a psychic or join a service without a decent authentication procedure. If the psychic has never been tested, or at least interviewed by someone, and if they do not screen their readers and verify their identity, steer clear. Simply put, if anyone, including you, can fill in an online form and upload a fake photo to be listed as a psychic, the likelihood that you are dealing with a fraud or a scam site is very high.

Screened, verified and accuracy tested

The psychic has been tested by an independent organization, or is registered with the local authorities, or the site clearly has a strict selection and hiring policy available to the public. Integrity is the backbone of our business, and therefore an authentic, reputable service will always thoroughly screen their applicants to ensure top-notch quality.

Have a look at our employment requirements for Psychic Access, Inc. You will see that becoming a Psychic Access advisor is not an easy task! We are highly selective, accepting only the best of the best to join our ranks. All applicants must have at least 5 years professional experience. Approximately 10% of all applicants are selected for interviews, and out of that shortlist only one in twenty candidates are eventually hired. And that is only the beginning. Every applicant's work history is also meticulously tracked and their psychic abilities tested. Their performance is also monitored. Those who donít measure up to our high standards will not work on our site; it's that simple.

Unclear pricing or extreme rates

Steer clear of any commercial sites or independent psychics who do not tell you in advance what they will be charging you.

Be wary of services that are free, extremely cheap or ridiculously expensive. Just because they claim they won't charge you anything, does not necessarily mean they are kindhearted or charitable. They may just be out to get access to your personal details. And just because a reading is extremely expensive does not mean it offer true quality. Most of the best psychics in the world charge very reasonable fees.

Clear pricing and affordable rates

Authentic psychics are not only in it for the money. Some of the best psychics in the world offer very reasonable rates.

At Psychic Access we aim to offer highly competitive and affordable rates and the pricing for each psychic is clearly displayed and invoiced in your customer account. There are no hidden costs and no nasty surprises. Unlike some of our competitors our psychics are not expected to keep customers on the line for as long as they possibly can. You decide how much you want to spend.

No security, lack of customer information

Check out their customer service information, as well as their security and privacy policies. Do they have proper terms and conditions and user agreements? What's the fine print? Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate, secure and safe service before you sign up.

Safe, secure and clear customer policies

Our customers enter a safe and secure environment when they visit We offer complete confidentiality and identity protection. All our policies, terms and rules are clearly set out on our website. With us you will receive replies from customer service within 24 hours and we have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and well-written help pages.

Our security measures include Verisign 256-bit encryption on all sensitive information, TRUSTE Certification for privacy and HackerSafe scanning of hardware and software and we have also been declared fully secure in a McAfee site report.


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