Profile Mystic Carli
Soul mate? Cheating Issues? Marriage? Children? Career? Finance? Dreams? Lifes questions can be very difficult. I have the answers you need and can guide you on your special pathway in life. Call me,you will not be disappointed!!!
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Profile Lucinda
At just 16 years old, Spirit spoke to me to help me navigate my life and to assist others to do the same. I will happily make predictions for you and help you to overcome your obstacles to achieve a happier and more empowered life.
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Profile Satya
Born a Psychic Medium and energy healer, I have helped hundreds of celebrities, doctors, and psychologists communicate with loved ones who have passed, receive answers to their questions and helps you to know if they are your soul mate or twin flame.
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Profile Laura
The more issues we resolve, the more we evolve. As a Psychic and Shaman, I utilize my gifts and divination tools to help you see the truth, awaken your spirit and overcome any problem. My approach is straightforward but compassionate because I truly care.
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Profile Megan
For 30+ years, I have given detailed life messages on the radio and in-person to a long list of repeat clients. If you want info on a partner, need to know when that special someone will arrive, direct messages from my Guides and Angels are on the way!
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Profile Shashunda
I am a 4th gen Psychic with clear answers to heart-troubling questions that will not only shock you, but set your burdens free. With help from my Angel and 3 Guides, I will provide detailed answers that will lead you to happiness and bring you peace.
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Profile Venus
Awareness of the future can empower you now! I can see, hear, sense and feel the energies around you. I will speak directly to your Angels and Spirit Guides and will help you navigate through intense and emotional waters to achieve rewards and happiness.
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Profile Mystic Shelley
I am a five-star psychic, a Reiki healer, a Clairvoyant and empathy reader. I offer clients honest answers about past, present and future events. With the help of my eight trusted guides at your service, you will receive remarkably accurate answers.
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Profile Kristie
Want to unlock your true potential, get those burning questions answered? An intuitive empath, energy healer, and manifestation and spiritual life coach, I offer clarity on relationships, love life, and all life areas.
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Profile Amy
Fulfilling your desire for guidance, healing, and peace is my calling. I will share over 20 years of experience as a Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader and Astrologer. Through Spirit, I will help guide you to a life of passion, purpose, magic and miracles!