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I am that source of calm in the storm who is a true friend for all seasons. A Master Psychic for over 25 years, I address urgent questions with truthful, honest and soulful psychic insights, giving clear and precise Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings.

Charges:  $2.99 per minute
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Tarot Readings, Diloggun Divination, Pendulum Reading, Dream Interpretation, Life Coaching, Love/Relationships, Career/Finance, Past Lives, Remote Viewing, Feng Shui, Spirit World Connections.


As a very young child, Oche became aware of the spirit world. In touch with her senses, she saw, heard and even smelled spirits, believing them to be living, breathing human beings--not realizing others weren’t having these same experiences. When she was eight, she recalls giving palm readings to her mother’s friends and co-workers, though no one had ever taught her how to do this; palm reading just came to her naturally. She realizes now that the psychic connection came from holding their hands, which allowed her to pick up on their energies and read them easily. She had no clue, whatsoever, what the lines meant on their palms, yet she could tap into things she’d had no way of knowing, just by holding their hands. She amazed the adults by the things she had told them, displaying a secret knowledge she could not have researched at such a young age.

When she was a teen, Oche began reading tarot cards in much the same manner. In 1999, she began studying Feng Shui, becoming an adept, self-taught practitioner, working with her Chinese spirit guide, Master Ying. Throughout her life, Oche has been on a never-ending mission to find spiritual meaning and truth. Through Orisha and La Regla de Ocha, she feels she has succeeded in finding lasting purpose in her life. She was initiated in Orisha Yemaya in 2005, in Miami, Florida. Since 2015, she has been studying the sacred Odus and Diloggun with renown author Ochani Lele, who is a well-respected scholar and elder in the Orisha community. She has had the honor of passing his class on Diloggun Divination with the highest score ever of any student: 101%.

Although Oche has come a long way on this spiritual sojourn, she is--by no means--finished and considers herself to be a student for life. Being a psychic reader and healer of the spirit is her mission in this lifetime and it is also her passion. And because she truly loves what she does, she embraces her clients, demonstrating a spiritual love that is wonderfully contagious. She has found that even when she has tried to work in the mundane world for practical benefits, she is inevitably always drawn back into the realm of working the spirit.


For over twenty-five years, Oche has provided Psychic Guidance, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Readings, and Clairvoyant Readings via phone, webchat and in-person for hundreds of people and from every continent of the World! Since 2002, she has been providing readings online for several major websites. Because the identities of clients are not revealed on the websites she has worked, she could only assume their level of fame or infamy. However, she can say that she has worked with a famous English actress for over two years, and they were working on reviving her career (she had starred in a very popular British sitcom). When Oche finally revealed that she knew who she was, the star had a major melt down. She had been afraid that Oche would go to the tabloids and report that she was getting readings from an online psychic, so she stopped coming to see her! Not long after, Oche saw in the movie previews that she was going to be in a big screen version of her sitcom, and that all the things she had predicted for her and coached her on were indeed coming to fruition. Although she never returned to thank her, Oche had the satisfaction of knowing that she and her spirit guides played an instrumental role in the comeback of her career and in gaining a successful love relationship. As part of Oche’s training, she taps into the Akashic Records and can tell you amazing things, even about past lifetimes. She is in total sync with her spirit master guides and can powerfully tap into yours. While she does make predictions, she also strives to provide various scenarios which cover all the ifs. She’ll work with you and do everything in her power to make you a happy and satisfied client, and even a dear friend.

Here are just a sampling of some of the reviews Oche has received from clients: Sonam wrote: "Oche is the best... never miss a chance to speak to her... she is amazing with her talent.... wonderful psychic abilities... and a true friend too." Marie F. wrote: "There are no words to describe Oche! I felt an instant connection with her, felt her intentions to help are real and her talent/work are undeniably good. Her insights are very clear that you could almost feel like she's there in that situation that you're in. Slept way better after our session. SHE'S SIMPLY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!"


A Leo, born on the Cancer/Leo cusp, Oche is a warm-hearted person, with a fierce passion to fulfill her purpose in life that involves helping others find their meaning. Though she currently lives in rural southern Missouri, near the Delta of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, her heart still yearns for the beaches of her former residence in South Florida. About seven years ago, she purchased a Victorian home that was built in 1903 that had the reputation of being THE haunted house of that small town. She’s never been truly afraid in this house, despite seeing apparitions in various rooms, points of light moving, and hearing her name called out loud when there was no one present in the room! The entire area lies at the heart of the famous New Madrid Fault, and a few years ago an earthquake struck late at night and was big enough that it woke her. Oche opened her eyes to find the whole bedroom moving. It was then that she saw the lady of the house standing in her white nightclothes by the door, holding a candle in a candleholder, looking right at Oche! She is the mother of the man who built the house, and she’s a very gentle, protective spirit who co-exists peacefully with Oche and her mother, whom Oche cares for. Since living there, a total of five feral kittens have shown up in various, mysterious ways on her doorstep. She’s taken them all to the vet and now looks after them too. In this wonderful haunted house there lives: Oche, a crew of spirits, Oche’s mother and five cats!

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