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Descending from a long psychic lineage, my accurate predictions have fascinated old and young. I will teach you how to embrace fortune, and give you honest answers on work, relationship, love or general issues. Ask and you shall receive loving guidance.

Charges:  $3.99 per minute
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empath, Tarot Readings, Pendulum Readings, Visualization.


When she was only three, Kathryn experienced an intense vision that started her on her intuitive journey. She knew she had formidable gifts and, in this, she was not alone. Kathryn is a direct descendant of gypsies on her mother's side. Her grandmother, mother and sister-- who read Tarot—all possessed a natural ability to tap into Source and they were, by all accounts, the most loving people who ever walked the Earth. These were Kathryn's early mentors and they inherited the talents of their ancestors. But more importantly, each were also extremely kind, giving and compassionate souls. Her mother, in particular, taught her to approach life with both love and insight. Through her tutelage, Kathryn became the compassionate caregiver she was meant to be, teaching the power of true love and honesty.

From as early as she could recall, Kathryn knew she possessed the ability to help others by seeing things her clients just couldn't see for themselves and she learned quickly to carefully use these abilities to empower others in ways that would keep on giving throughout their lives. In addition to providing accurate, intuitive advice, Kathryn enables every client to steer their own destiny and to achieve goals that may have been previously blocked.

Kathryn's mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were all clairvoyants and explained, in their own words, what it was like for them to be endowed with their gifts, while also pointing out that her own abilities would be somewhat different and unique to her. At a young age, the beautiful ability of being able to see things and provide help to others inspired Kathryn to explore the metaphysical realm and investigate on her own. In her pursuit of knowledge, she quickly discovered that our abilities are as distinct as our hair follicles, meaning each person has their own special insight and way of thinking. Because she wanted nothing more in life than to provide genuine love and concern when someone needed it, she never stopped her exploration into her divine gifts and, to this day, she is still a student as well as a teacher who imparts her wisdom and her belief in the power of honesty.


At age three, an intense vision came upon Kathryn while she was napping. The dream was short and very vivid. In it, she had the ability to ward off bad by merely thinking, and because of this dream, she created within herself a powerful will to believe in the unseen. She was only just forming words and after the dream, the first thing her mother remembers her saying was that she was an angel here to help people. Her mother later cried with joy as she relayed her own story and thereafter she began teaching Kathryn the proper ways to use her gift. Yes, at three years old this dream formulated what would be a huge portion of her personality moving forward: a compassionate caregiver teaching the power of true love and honesty. She learned she could have and do anything, and she actually feared that power as a child. But it was a wonderful gift that she grew to love. And once she appreciated and loved her gift and no longer feared it, she was able to teach it to others. There isn't anything we can't have and the real power of believing it is what it takes. It wasn't until much later in life that she went from rags to riches, literally overnight, because she learned to believe in the powers within. She intentionally didn't work for a while, because she respected the "poor" so well, and felt so sorry for the underprivileged. But after a conversation with her own son, who had done well in life, she opened her intelligent mind and developed a hugely successful online business in less than a year's time, and in doing so, she was able to give work to others. She now teaches others to do the same.

Kathryn spent her childhood developing her gift as she walked about helping anyone and everyone who cared to listen. She described herself as an Intuitive Reader and Empath because the word psychic tended to worry some, and she wanted to use her gift to convince those who weren't as willing to trust in things they couldn't see for themselves. After an intense study period in childhood, and on into her teen years, in 1974, she queried a large county newspaper in Illinois, petitioning for her own advice column. It had become clear what her destiny needed to be: to give advice. Everyone, young and old, always came to Kathryn for help, so why not spread her advice to the masses? All along, she continued her studies and research, mastering the tarot first, and eventually telepathy and visualization. As she became more insightful, she developed a greater intuition. To this day, the gift continues to grow stronger the more she feeds it with endless hours of meditation and study. As a teen, after moving on from being an advice columnist, she went on to college. An intense researcher always, she took an entire summer off before college, traveling and continuing to enhance her intuition and visualization gifts. During her travels, she gave free tarot readings to friends and family. In the late 80's, while also a young wife, mother, and business owner, she received an amazing reading from an immensely knowledgeable English psychic. Kathryn then immediately queried psychic networks and worked as a phone psychic. She's since worked some of the largest networks with amazing success. Throughout the years, since age fifteen, she's maintained a beautiful in-home tarot parlor. A huge researcher, artist and mathematician, she employed both sides of her brain. She'd been a straight-A student in both high school and college, concentrating on general business studies and elementary education, earning an Associate of Arts degree. She's loved working with children, which is why she chose Elementary Education teaching as a daycare instructor and eventually she became an administrator of her own "Tiny Tot's Daycare," where she was able to share her life and love with young ones. This has meant a great deal to her in her life, because before a child could be affected by anything negative, they had all the life and love she could share, and she knew they were able to have a better start in life.


Now middle aged and extremely joyously young-at-heart, with a soft voice, and compassionate manner, Kathryn has been told she sounds much younger, and looks it too! More than one person has commented on separate occasions that she appears to be physically aging in reverse. A true Libra, in every sense of the word--changeable for the sake of change, yet affectionate, kind, and loving, which is depicted in her artwork. In addition to her Intuitive counseling, Kathryn is a freelance painter and photographer, having lived in Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, California and now retiring in beautiful Florida, where she is surrounded by the energy of the Ocean--where much of the world's energy resides--and it's where she plans on living out the rest of her days. One of the biggest secrets to her successful readings is that she mainly works overnight shifts, as much of the negative energy around her is sleeping. She can then focus strongly on just the positive. Her favorite pets are fish and "Bubbles," her large goldfish, is the love of her life. After her husband passed away a few years back, Kathryn's goal has been to focus on goodness, family and business, and she has chosen to celebrate her life until a potential future marriage appears--if ever. She is a caregiver, also of her aging parents, and loves to love so much so that she is an excellent love and relationship counselor. Rags to riches, aging in reverse, all very powerful, honest statements used to describe Kathryn, and yet, she maintains super-humility combined with understanding and being honest with all the best gifts you have and the ability to believe in self, not in an arrogant way, but in a way that's humble and truly genuine.

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