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We're all spiritual beings having a human experience. Allow me to help make your experience a happy one. I'll connect you to the other side, provide you with detailed Angel messages, and give you clear answers on any topic.

Charges:  $3.99 per minute
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Psychic, Medium, Automatic Writing, Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseler, Chakra Cleaning, Angel Attunement, Reiki 1 & 2, Channeling, Angel Healing.

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At the young age of five, Lisa noticed that she was different from everyone else in the room. A natural clairaudient, she'd hear people who others couldn't hear. Her clairvoyant skills soon kicked in, and a face would appear along with the disembodied voice. At nine, she got her first diary and would scribble all sorts of things in it that she had no understanding of at the time. Recently, her mom found the diary and upon reading it, Lisa was stunned. Turns out, her younger self had written numerous details about events that were to happen in the future, including the names of men she would become involved with or would later marry. Every detail was stunningly accurate! As a child she began to channel, and would receive messages from many different spirits. Her favorite is still St. Michael. Everyday she sees and talks with him, enjoying the clear and close connection they share. During a reading, she'll call upon him and will then be led to whomever may want to come in from the other side. Her incredible psychic gifts that showed up in her formative years, gave her a thirst for understanding that soon led her to the bookshelves. She read everything she could get her hands on by Doreen Virtue and learned a great deal from her vast store of knowledge. Lisa was guided to speak with Father Bonavous, a kind old priest, wise in his old school beliefs. She was at first fearful to converse with any practicing Catholic, whose religious core beliefs were so against anything of a psychic nature. However, she was soon to learn how special this man was. He was simply unbelievable! And he became an important mentor for her. She had confided to him once that she'd actually seen the Virgin Mary, believing he would respond negatively. But his reply was quite the opposite. He told her she would in fact have many more visits and advised her not to block them out, but to accept the visits and learn from them. She really loved this man, who passed just a few years ago, and misses him to this day.


She's been a professional psychic for over twenty-four years, having begun her practice with close friends and family. She then branched out and achieved success with a wider base. Upon opening her own website, she soon became inundated with clients from around the world. She has many customers, and maintains a list that is quite interesting and diverse. Lisa has appeared at many Psychic Fairs, and recalls a particularly fascinating experience back in April, 2010, in which she was visited by actor Patrick Swayze, He provided her with much information to pass along to his wife. and even followed her around for a week, just like his movie, Ghost! Lisa had a tough time trying to figure out how she was supposed to reach his wife, as she had no movie star connections to speak of, and decided to browse the internet. Eventually, she discovered a phone number that he advised her to call. The woman who answered said she'd pass the message on, but didn't know how long it would be before she got it. She advised her to call Patrick's mom, but she didn't have the number to give her. So, Lisa said to herself that if she didn't find anything that day, she'd stop looking altogether. She then received another message from Patrick telling her how to contact his mom. Lisa called the number and low and behold she spoke with Patrick's mom! Lisa relayed the message she'd been given and also began telling her other things that Patrick was saying while she was on the phone with her at that moment. His mother thanked Lisa over and over, having been clearly moved and impressed with her skills. Lisa has not, as of yet, heard from Patrick's wife but believes she will soon! Though she may have been a bit freaked out by Lisa's scary knowledge, Spirit keeps telling her that his wife will call. There is no disputing her remarkable skills as a Medium, but Lisa has much experience in other metaphysical branches too. She is a certified Angel Healer, a spiritual counselor, Reiki Master and Angel Practitioner, as well.


Lisa is now in her forties and loves life! She finds the older she gets, the better life is, attributing her enjoyment of the aging process to her increasing levels of awareness. She is an energized Aries, and like her sign, she is strong- willed, and even bull headed! Though she used to think she was right all the time, Spirit and her Angels gave her a much needed attitude adjustment!-LOL. She's mother of four, grandma to four, has been divorced for eight years now, and is loving her independence! What Aries wouldn't? She adores her big family and wouldn't trade them for anything! They are so much fun. Pets include two black labs--who are big babies-- and one Maine Coon cat, who thinks or knows he's the boss! The dogs must walk behind him, never in front. Lisa would like to leave you with a saying she always tries to live by: "We are all Spiritual being having a Human experience."

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