Carmen Miro
My unique method of Tarot reading, combined with the Empathic and Intuitive abilities I've possessed since birth, allow me to zero in on your present circumstances and change the outcome of any personal, relationship or career matter that needs changing!

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Jun-25-2017 Rosemary1  

Jun-23-2017 Beachgyrl  Always a pleasure... could you please relay me about the time frame for "St---" and what you were saying about the 3 interests!! Love talking with her!! Straight forward and honest!!

Jun-23-2017 Willful  Thanks Carmen, have been talking to her for months and she has always been great. Carmen, can you please send me a relay w.r..t. what happened, after all this time, I would hope it is reasonable to have some sort of reasoning?

Jun-23-2017 Rosemary1  

Jun-19-2017 Zebragirl  

Jun-19-2017 Rhondakay  Thank you for a great reading!

Jun-15-2017 lovestruck  Very excited about our reading..can you please relay me since we were cut off

Jun-15-2017 Willful  Carmen is always great and considerate. Carmen, can you send me a relay explaining your current state with me? thanks.

Jun-08-2017 linxinru  Thank you for your lovely reading always! It's very reassuring and calm. Have a wonderful day Carmen!

Jun-03-2017 debbiedub  like the way she reads - worth calling

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