With some trusted help from the wonderful world of Spirit and a unique knowledge (spanning 3 decades) on tarot, numerology, dowsing and African bone-throwing, allow me to help you find direction and clarity with your most pressing concerns and questions.

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Jan-18-2018 AmethystMoon  LOVE IT! I will definitely be coming back & 128513;

Jan-18-2018 minpin  Thank You so much for another EXCELLENT READING!! I can't find the word that expresses the amount of gratitude I have for You. You saved me again.

Jan-17-2018 jaxson  A lovely angel.

Jan-17-2018 char100  Was spot on like always..thank you x

Jan-17-2018 Rhiannon  Wonderful...

Jan-17-2018 03daykellz  I just luv speaking to her & 10084;& 65039;

Jan-17-2018 debneeh  

Jan-16-2018 psolarek  This woman keeps me grounded AND emboldened to evermore strength and clarity. She never wastes my time.

Jan-16-2018 Kelly9398  

Jan-16-2018 debneeh  I wish I had more time....ugghhh....thank u Shani

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