Angelic Heights
In my compassionate, accurate, and intuitive way, I'll clear what's blocking you from your dreams and goals as I delve into your past, fix what's wrong in your present, and give you accurate solutions so you may claim your desired future.

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Oct-22-2017 starstar  Thank you!! As always, great to receive your insights! Could you send a brief relay on prospects for a new job? Wondering what you meant about getting asked a lot of questions...

Oct-21-2017 PuttPutt  Thank you!!

Oct-18-2017 Ben999  Thank you so much for strengthening me and seeing the truth. I really needed that and appreciate it a lot. Big thanks

Oct-13-2017 birdiesbob  Thank you so much!!! Could you please relay on what you saw about the interview at my city's university (the one where the man talked to the director)? Did you see me getting accepted there or elsewhere? If elsewhere, outside Canada?

Oct-11-2017 nmanda  

Oct-09-2017 CherylAE  On target

Oct-06-2017 jacquelynn  Always love this reader. She's great!

Oct-04-2017 Lovell  You are wonderful and I always feel better after talking with you. Can you please send me a relay, I will update you when he responds.

Sep-25-2017 janaka  Love and appreciate you so much

Sep-24-2017 SeemaJacob  Hi Gail, I resent the relay!

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