Angelic Heights
In my compassionate, accurate, and intuitive way, I'll clear what's blocking you from your dreams and goals as I delve into your past, fix what's wrong in your present, and give you accurate solutions so you may claim your desired future.

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Jul-13-2018 Kimbo123  Incredibly talented reader and medium. My go to person for years. M wedding at Sicily property this weekend. Should be a great celebration of all and up the pressure on T. Greece will be on the horizon now.

Jul-13-2018 PattiGuan  

Jul-12-2018 Kimbo123  News today.. the M man is marrying in 2 weeks. The A T man dodging business email so I have copied in Y woman and one other to push visiblity. Relay please.

Jul-12-2018 Kimbo123  Wonderful reader..very accurate.. I highly recommend her.

Jul-10-2018 SeemaJacob  What more can I ask for? It's like no matter what mood I get in on the surface, you continue to see me for what I am on the inside. Thank you for ALWAYS taking my call!! LOVE YOU!

Jul-10-2018 SeemaJacob  You can always decide that you didn't want to take my calls, especially with the rollercoaster of emotions and my attitude when things don't seem like they are falling into place, However, you have ALWAYS taken my call and never hesitated to advice me

Jul-10-2018 SeemaJacob  May God bless you with everything your heart and soul can ever desire, Gail! I'll always come back to seek guidance, as long as you are here. It hasn't failed me yet, even when it appears that isn't going the way you saw.

Jul-10-2018 SeemaJacob  What has kept me coming back to seek your guidance, wisdom, and insight is that time reveals the truth and all that you said. It's crazy how time goes so fast, yet when we are waiting for circumstances to unfold, it take FOREVER!!!

Jul-10-2018 SeemaJacob  I know you are very supportive of choices I made, but I also know you are not afraid to just say the truth if I am wrong. What a task you have taken on in your life to deal with people like me!

Jul-10-2018 SeemaJacob  Why are you so phenominal? Very good at looking at past, present, and future situations (even when it doesnt seem like it will happen). Thanks for putting up with me, and my rollercoaster.

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