Mystic Carli
Soul mate? Cheating Issues? Marriage? Children? Career? Finance? Dreams? Lifes questions can be very difficult. I have the answers you need and can guide you on your special pathway in life. Call me,you will not be disappointed!!!

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Jan-02-2018 Shanghai  I left the reading in tears. She picked up on a new man that fit my ex to a T. Now I just miss him more. :(

Jan-01-2018 Mirhelp  Thank you!

Dec-23-2017 Bogumila  

Dec-23-2017 janaka  Carli you are so amazing how you pick up on what is going on without any words. You are TOPS!!! Thank you for your help. Happy holidays. I'll call back soon

Dec-10-2017 Charese18  One of the best, always there and accurate when I need her. Thank you.

Nov-25-2017 Encrypted22  

Nov-25-2017 Tharushi22  

Nov-19-2017 Roxanne1  Thank you for the honest reading. Please can you relay me the last part you were saying as we got cut off.

Oct-22-2017 debneeh  

Oct-09-2017 Marle17  Thank you.

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