With just an ordinary deck of playing cards, I can see your future unfold. If you want to know what's in the cards for you, I'll use my natural gifts and 30+ years of experience to provide you with an incredibly accurate and detailed reading.

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Mar-19-2018 Ginnie  Thanks so much as always for your understanding and awesome reading!

Mar-18-2018 patlaw  Back to the number games. 1 3 = 3 1 or 3 to 1 shift. Pretty sure I just saw him. That's what he meant.

Mar-17-2018 dcdoll  Raymond is always insightful and gives me good information and something to think about. I look forward to his readings.. their. usually right on point.

Mar-17-2018 patlaw  It might not be our home addresses. Just looked up the distance from where he works to my house, it's one mile or 3 min.= 1.3. That makes more sense. He's to funny.

Mar-16-2018 patlaw  Was thinking about the 1 3 thing. 1 3 of a month is 10 days or so. That might be what he was talking about. 10 days is within the two weeks. Thanks for another great reading and give me your thoughts in a relay.

Mar-15-2018 patlaw  Thanks for everything Raymond. You're the best!

Mar-15-2018 EllenSaKa  Thank you. I also had given the managing partner a handwritten thank you for my review and raise that B may or may not have been shown. And thereís an app called calm and itís so relaxing gets me thru some long days. talk in a few weeks

Mar-10-2018 patlaw  Right again Raymond. The two upstairs bought a house and are finally moving out. If anyone wants an honest reading, call Raymond. Things may take a little time to happen but they do. Your the best!

Mar-09-2018 patlaw  Sorry for the late feedback but got the monitor for my computer. I feel him around me constantly. One year tomorrow when he shined the light. Waiting patiently for us to come together.

Mar-09-2018 SamSow  Thank you so much for your insight. You are just a wonderful reader.

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