If there's anyone's head you'd like to get into, my natural abilities as an empath and a clairvoyant can help you to see your way clear to a better future.

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Jan-02-2018 Shany04  

Jan-01-2018 Bonita  Thank you Lani, nice reading.

Dec-28-2017 Bogumila  Thank you Lani for an excellent reading.

Dec-24-2017 xyz123  This review is for Dec. 17. Thank you so much for your insights. Speaking with you helped me to see things in a better light.

Dec-20-2017 gswafford  we got cut off before u could answer about will robbie will keep his word and be with me new years eve like he said

Dec-15-2017 Ashgurl  She was very quick and friendly. It appeared like she picked up on the situation fast. I guess only time will tell.

Dec-13-2017 Barvita   Another great conversation with Lani, and very precisely to the point! Thank you...!

Dec-13-2017 Barvita  I'm so glad I've contacted you Lani, thank you for the truth (without sugarcoating), and for your ability to deliver information fast with outstanding accuracy!!!

Dec-03-2017 nmanda  

Nov-24-2017 adriaticnyc  Very insightful reading. Always empathy and understanding complex situations. Thank you!

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