Angelic Amy
My greatest joy is being of service! With a special ability to connect deeply with others, you will find me a non-judgmental Intuitive Counselor. A multi-gifted Psychic and Medium, I will relay clear answers on any matter to help you in your time of need.

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Feb-14-2018 Tasha9195  Thank you as always Amy!!! So many details!!! Always on point!!

Feb-11-2018 caligrl  Thanks hon!!

Feb-11-2018 merlin23  the best there ever was, there best there ever will be!

Feb-08-2018 Stumox  

Feb-07-2018 Nickie22  Thank you, Amy, for another wonderful reading. Can you please send me the site that you talking about with angel wirk? Thank you!

Jan-31-2018 pennypal  She’s the bombdigity ! Xxx Ooo

Jan-30-2018 Stumox  

Jan-29-2018 jp72162  Thank you Amy! Feeling much better - and love how consistent your insight was with other readers. All good - let's keep fingers crossed :-)

Jan-24-2018 Marle17  Thank you!!

Jan-23-2018 Nickie22  Kind and honest, spot on, Picked right up on my situation and provided helpful guidance. Thank you, Amy!

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