Angelic Heights
In my compassionate, accurate, and intuitive way, I'll clear what's blocking you from your dreams and goals as I delve into your past, fix what's wrong in your present, and give you accurate solutions so you may claim your desired future.

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Dec-11-2017 Kimbo123  Excellent reading. You ate so inctedibly accurate tapping into people..thank you so much..All quiet from my friend eqials strong impulse conttol or catching up. 3 x next step meetongs todayr 2 of three options as you predicted.Many thanks.

Dec-10-2017 Tiffytia  Thankyou for the gift of hope.

Dec-09-2017 Sallysally  A favorite reader. She is very quick to assess a situation.

Dec-08-2017 greger  Sorry got cut off. I didn't hear the last sentence.

Dec-08-2017 SeemaJacob  Whatever I "feel" will pass anyway and turn the opposite of what I was feeling no thanks to any relationships, it cost me money I could have been saving I think I'll be good if I just don't get involved with anyone nothing has worked out in this area

Dec-08-2017 SeemaJacob  Four stars because you were patient with me, and some things manifested somewhat as you said over the years, even though it took way too long for me to care about anymore.I need to end this year with putting a stop to whatever I "feel" empathically

Dec-08-2017 SeemaJacob  This empathic gift you say I have...the most worthless and painful of it isn't fun.Its only worth anything when you can make money off it from idiots like me. Thanks but no thanks, I'll retire my "gifts"

Dec-08-2017 SeemaJacob  My partner at work will still be here, she isn't leaving as you predicted.Thanks for trying to talk to me about people's core and all that but in the end it doesn't matter what the core is if they do other things.

Dec-07-2017 Kimbo123  Your prediction spot on about Rob the CEO superstar correct. He also met with Paul today.. and we have same opinion. Great interview with another company and networked Paul and my Friend the turtle. Thanks so much.

Dec-06-2017 Kimbo123  Incredible event today on job hunting side.. with a playback to my friend as a result. Universe works in amazing ways. thank you for your insight you predicted incredible energies from people I should be careful of.

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