Angelic Amy
My greatest joy is being of service! With a special ability to connect deeply with others, you will find me a non-judgmental Intuitive Counselor. A multi-gifted Psychic and Medium, I will relay clear answers on any matter to help you in your time of need.

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Jun-18-2018 Goddess1111  I love you forever, Amy!

Jun-14-2018 Ajayralli  Hopefully goes as you say !!! Great reading she really nails everything

Jun-13-2018 Shany04  Amy is the best!! She is straightforward and to the point. She never lets me down. I appreciate her patience. I hope the knuckle head comes around soon. As of today he is shutting me out big time still.

Jun-11-2018 caligrl  You always put me at ease right away. Ty.

Jun-10-2018 insight  Thank you

Jun-07-2018 merlin23  The best reader on here. Thank you for all that you've done for me over the years. I certainly appreciate you assisting me on my journey. Be well!

Jun-07-2018 merlin23  Great reading as always! Something felt a little off, though. Hope all is well :) (will call again, obvs)

Jun-06-2018 mydreams  As always 5 star. Thank you!

Jun-04-2018 Redbottoms  A million stars! Thank you, Amy. You are Heaven sent.

Jun-03-2018 marieann  Fabulous Amy trying to get a reading now please stay online

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