A 3rd generation healer & reader from Kingston, Jamaica, I possess natural psychic gifts that will shine clarity on all your situations. Expert in tarot, dream interpretation & numerology, I will pinpoint where you are & what you need to do.

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Nov-24-2017 pennypal  On fire and point ! A truly lovely and gifted lady ! Thanks so much ! XxxOoo, P

Nov-18-2017 Lauren57  Your awesome thanks for the beautiful help tonight. I will be in touch. Send me relay if you can!!!

Nov-18-2017 caligrl  Please send a relay at your opportunity. We cut out at the end. xoxo and good vibes too please

Nov-17-2017 puffpuff  Nov 24 will mark 3 years since he and I first had contact. I think it's within my right to ask what I asked and say what I said. You said the email was "funny" I was hoping it would translate that way for him and he'd respond.

Nov-17-2017 puffpuff  This other person you saw coming do I position myself for this to happen? I really really want companionship, to hold hands, and to kiss again. Lots and lots of Kissing...would you believe he and I have never even kissed...

Nov-17-2017 puffpuff  Don't know what he's looking for when going out on coffee date.Don't know why he doesn't ask me out for coffee. Don't know why things are soooo good when IRL and he chooses to go out for coffee with "woman not ok with single parent"

Nov-17-2017 puffpuff  I guess it through him for a loop. I missed the mark, didn't pick up on the right thing to pick up on and respond to. Well, I did decide to send the message because one reason I was holding back was because I didn't want to disturb him, bother him.

Nov-17-2017 puffpuff  His lack of response tells me wrong email wrong time. He responds right away or not at all has been my experience. Whatever opportunity I had with his last message to me, I have missed the mark.

Nov-16-2017 puffpuff  sent the email last night realizing i wasn't sending because I didn't want to disturb him and I wanted right message at right time; he hasn't gotten back yet; overall glad I sent it; maybe won't lead to romance; can't wait to see response...

Nov-16-2017 gswafford  please send relay of the relocating to georgia and the ex fighting it timeline please

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