A 3rd generation healer & reader from Kingston, Jamaica, I possess natural psychic gifts that will shine clarity on all your situations. Expert in tarot, dream interpretation & numerology, I will pinpoint where you are & what you need to do.

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Jul-17-2017 jackbird  Thank you asherah, the film was excellent.

Jul-15-2017 Shany04  

Jul-15-2017 Shany04  First reading with Asherah. Picked up on exactly what was going on in my life. I hope things turn around soon! Will read with her again for sure!

Jul-12-2017 insight  You did it, thank you

Jul-12-2017 stephyo0183  Great reader and always funny! Call dropped toward the end. Can you please relay? Thank you.

Jul-11-2017 pennypal  She is a rock star ! Told me exactly what I needed to do, after my ramble ! Thanks luv ! XxxOoo, P

Jul-01-2017 DFC1972  Thank you!

Jun-29-2017 slds32  Better than Boston cream pie!!!

Jun-27-2017 slds32  Thank you! Terrific as always

Jun-26-2017 NIXNIX  she's accurate and to the point and very easy to talk to. Ill admit I was not ready to handle her prediction a year ago. However, I came to realize that she had been right all along.

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