A 3rd generation healer & reader from Kingston, Jamaica, I possess natural psychic gifts that will shine clarity on all your situations. Expert in tarot, dream interpretation & numerology, I will pinpoint where you are & what you need to do.

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Feb-15-2018 gswafford  tried to call back bout robbie mother to continue where we got cut off he says she real sick

Feb-08-2018 pennypal  Thanks for splaining my dreams Lucy ! You are a treasure, indeed ! Xxx Ooo

Feb-05-2018 slds32  The best there is! Thank you

Jan-31-2018 Mirhelp  Thanks! So awesome!

Jan-28-2018 Lauren57  Asherah is a gift from God. Love her. Please send me a relay on what to come moving forward. thanks so much you are fabulous.

Jan-23-2018 Willful  

Jan-19-2018 brendan  Thanks!

Jan-14-2018 slds32  In a word wow. You always surprise and delight with your insights and revelations. Bless you always and thank you!

Jan-14-2018 Bonita  Awesome, awesome, thank you my dear friend. Please relay what you were saying when we got cut off.

Jan-06-2018 Lauren57  

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