I combine psychic mediumship with advanced metaphysics to see your past, present, and future with in depth detail and high accuracy to help you eliminate challenges and create the future that you desire.

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Aug-16-2017 Bonita  Sorry, took too much time on astrology.

Aug-12-2017 Zenobia  Excellent and inspirational

Jul-30-2017 Daniellesmom  Thank you, Steve!

Jul-30-2017 Daniellesmom  Steve is a terrific astrologer, it was an honor to have received a chart reading from him today. He also picked up on a former colleague of mine extremely accurately.

Jul-29-2017 julesmggf  Went above and beyond to make sure he told me all the information he had. Really appreciated it. Intuitive and very nice.

Jul-27-2017 crcr2525  Thanks Steve for the help and for an informative reading. I'm going to continue to work on myself and believe in myself.

Jul-26-2017 dullmanager  Very scientific approach to finding an answer, but very insightful and highly recommended!

Jul-24-2017 Pianoguru88  Thank you Steven. I just need to sit with myself and figure out what I really want to do.

Jul-23-2017 ICEYOU95  

Jul-06-2017 redapples  Steve connected immediately thank you so much.hes a beautiful human being as well.could you kindly send a relay

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