I offer honest, accurate psychic guidance with gifts that allow me inside the heads of others, revealing their thoughts and feelings. As an Empathic Clairvoyant, I will provide details on any situation and help you choose your best course of action.

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Jul-09-2018 MissEd  Iíve known Layna for over 10 years!!! A true gem! Amazing empath!!! She is the most caring person! Please send me Realtor , we got cut off. Thank you dear xoxo

Jul-02-2018 SeemaJacob  Amazing, clear, and concise...not to mention ACCURATE!!!

Jul-02-2018 Bogumila  

May-29-2018 SeemaJacob  Hi Layna, will you be able to relay me when you are online,please?

Apr-23-2018 Bogumila  Thank you Layna. It is always pleasure to talk to you. I do not understand my connection with W . It must be some reason I am so attached to him. Pls tell me one more time if he comes back to me .

Apr-23-2018 Katepowell87  Thank you so much for the insight and guidance youíve given me!

Apr-22-2018 Pokadotc  She was nice. Reading ended up being off the situation. Prediction did not manifest.

Apr-19-2018 Barvita  I'm extremely pleased with my reading with Layna! Very intuitive advisir and provides information with depth and accuracy. Thank you!!!

Apr-18-2018 SeemaJacob  Hi Layna, trying to reach you butyou logged off

Apr-03-2018 SeemaJacob  Hi Layna, so it appears the little boy that I asked you about won't be returning as you thought next year....He told the behavior specialist he won't be back, and he will finish the year out here....did what you saw change?

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