I am a Clairvoyant Psychic, Astrologer and Channeler with over 35 years experience. Accurate, compassionate and honest, I am dedicated to helping you find the answers and guidance you need to navigate every life challenge that comes your way.

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Jun-12-2018 nhanson1  Wow! She picked right up on my situation! I highly recommend her!!

Jun-08-2018 merlin23  Wonderful reading! Thank you so much!

Jun-07-2018 skyglass  Amazing!!! Thank you!!!

Jun-03-2018 merlin23  splendid reading!

Jun-01-2018 Lauren57  Thanks so much Susyn for your reading anyway you can send me a Relay on the situation. Your great thanks again.

May-31-2018 Jay11111  Effective reading. Susyn is a talented psychic

May-31-2018 Jay11111  Very helpful

May-31-2018 Trynk13  

May-27-2018 merlin23  Wonderful reading! Thanks so much!

May-23-2018 crcr2525  Thank you Susan. You were correct, he contacted on Monday and the cancellation was truly about work. As you said, he would share a bit this week. I figure more will come out next week as your said in the reading.

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