Have you ever wondered what the people you know and love are thinking and feeling? What about their past? As an Empath Claircognizant, I can tell you! I have 20 plus years of Coaching and Energy Reading. I can help you achieve your dream relationships!

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Nov-16-2017 ssgtjordan  Amazing!!!! She takes off like a shot with accurate details that let you know this reading was meant for you. Iím totally blown away. Will definitely call back!

Nov-15-2017 gswafford  if possible please send relay on call

Nov-10-2017 merlin23  Thank you Rishi!

Nov-10-2017 Rhondakay  Thank you!

Nov-10-2017 Quan93  Thank you for telling me the truth. I really appreciate the truth. I donít know y these other so called were lying to me. I appreciate you and will be calling back in the future.

Nov-08-2017 FRB1963  Very good, calming and reassuring effect with her readings. Does not stray from previous conversations...

Nov-08-2017 merlin23  Splendid reading! Love it when she reads me. So quick, so precise!

Nov-06-2017 merlin23  thanks for answering my questions even though I was capped. Send a relay if you can! Chat soon!

Nov-05-2017 Bonita  Great reading, always to the point. Than you Rishi, please relay.

Nov-04-2017 xyz123  

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