A natural Clairvoyant Empath, I use Tarot and my Intuitive gifts to help create more happiness in your life. I give accurate, honest and compassionate answers to guide you through any challenges. I genuinely care, and with Spirit I am here to help.

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Jan-17-2018 Precious08  Thank you for your insight and especially patience during these trying times. Very much appreciate it and am thinking you are more correct than we know and for that I am grateful.

Jan-16-2018 MeganVale  Great insight, quick to connect and thorough - thank you very much

Jan-16-2018 puffpuff  Excellent reading, my 1st with this reader. Very clear, grounded, straight forward, which I needed. Offered things for me to look at and work on, which I don't often get out of readings. Hugely helpful, high high recommend! Thank you thank you

Jan-16-2018 Glaucous1  I've had several readings with Seraphim over the past few months. As I look back over her predictions, they've been super accurate. But the most important thing is that she was honest,...even if the message was tough. I respect this tremendously!

Jan-16-2018 Precious08  You are truly amazing. I like your style of reading. You are straight forward and ayou are probably more right than any of us can imagine. You have helped me cope with my situation more than you know. I am truly grateful for your insight and patience.

Jan-15-2018 kimc3690  

Jan-12-2018 Mirhelp  Thank you! Awesome

Jan-12-2018 LilacOne  One of The Very Best Psychics you could EVER read with !!!! PHENOMENAL ALWAYS!!!

Jan-11-2018 Bonita  Good reading, picked up on my situation quickly. Please relay the last of our conversation.

Jan-11-2018 Staysm  Honest and great! Thanks.

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