Psychic, Astrologer, Intuitive, Teacher, Survivor, Transformer, Wellness Counselor... Getting a reading with me is more than a glimpse into your future. It is about making the rest of your life the BEST of your life!

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Dec-06-2017 Kielad  Sweet Esther---she is really good. I have chatted with her twice and she was accurate both times--details she said that she wouldnt have otherwise known. Will definitely call her back for more. thank you, Esther!

Dec-04-2017 NIXNIX  She is very insightful and analytical. I really enjoy her insights. I will definitely follow up with her.

Dec-03-2017 Lilinka  Esther is incredible ! Her last predictions happened so I called her back and hoping those too get along !

Dec-02-2017 greger  Thanks. Relay?

Dec-02-2017 gswafford  confused please send relay

Nov-27-2017 NaishaB  Prediction didnít come to pass in timeframe given. Will have to see if other predictions happen in given timeline, which isnít for weeks according to her.

Nov-25-2017 greger  thanks

Nov-25-2017 lindamagnus  very accurate and honest good reading highly recomennd her

Nov-23-2017 greger  Thank you. Relay?

Nov-19-2017 gswafford  

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