A gifted psychic and healer for 40+ years, - warm, serene and assured, bringing love and clarity to your life. My accurate guidance lights your soul-path on all issues from simple to complex, from relationships and career, to spiritual development.

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Jun-11-2018 KDawn84  

Jun-05-2018 Destiny012  Sorry the phone cut! but thank you :)

Jun-05-2018 dullmanager  

Jun-05-2018 Pianoguru88  Superbly keen reader. Thank you!

Jun-04-2018 Pianoguru88  Thank you for the clarity. Anything else to relay? I will spend time going over the exercises.

Jun-04-2018 Pianoguru88  Fantastic! Relay? Thank you.

May-31-2018 ceeclouds  It Was lovely to meet you. I am listening. You were correct about what you said. I feel it too. Thank you for sharing with me. You are very kind. I will be in touch. i am so grateful that we can connect. Many blessings and lots of love shining bright.

May-31-2018 julesmggf  Jess has a way of being so kind and comforting, but won’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to. She has always been honest in what she sees and I appreciate it so much. She has been extremely accurate and consistent. Thank you!

May-30-2018 Tracey32  Thank you for the reading and follow up messsge. I left 2 stars because she said I wouldn’t hear from him until end of June July, also reiterating that in her message. He actually called 3 hours after the reading and again this morning.

May-29-2018 Ajayralli  She really clarified everything from Love life to carrer in the time that I had. Hopefully everything works out the way she said it would. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a straightforward answer.

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