Know the Truth and get clear as I read your energy and open up your world. I heal hearts and guide relationships. Ask for the answer and I will give it to you, along with a sincere and in-depth analysis of the intentions of those around you.

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Sep-19-2017 LadyD17  Lilli, thank you so much, very good information, will keep you posted!

Sep-15-2017 roshelle  Reading with Lili was back in May 2017 & predictions did not happen :( infact the person she said I could trust turned out to be someone I couldn't trust at all. I so wished she was right. Thank you for trying.

Sep-13-2017 Marle17  Thank you. Can you please send a relay.

Sep-09-2017 SamSow  Wonderful reader. Her reading remains constant.

Sep-08-2017 terrye  Excellent reading always!!

Sep-07-2017 joynie  

Sep-04-2017 Quita17  

Sep-03-2017 Marle17  Thank you.

Aug-28-2017 Tkmuni  Lilly can you relay? I have an update.

Aug-27-2017 Lilinka  Thank you so so much dearest Lili !!

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