I am a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient, Psychic-Medium, and Tarot instructor with 20+ years experience. I turn my readings over to Spirit offering you quick insight, answers and direction in love, career, and more to help you align with the future of your dreams.

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Jan-17-2018 Mirhelp  Awesome! Thanks so much!

Jan-17-2018 Kitandous  

Jan-17-2018 jaxson  Genuine. Caring. Ability to connect.

Jan-16-2018 psolarek  She will uplift you, and inform you, so you can continue on your path.

Jan-15-2018 insight  Thank you Isa

Jan-15-2018 Bonita  Thank you Isa, absolutely wonderful. I am feeling much better now that we talked.

Jan-13-2018 mjulie  Getting a reading from Isadora was, and always is, incredibly fulfilling. She touches on SO MUCH and her accuracy is right on point. She is amazing and I can't recommend her enough. She is quick and a pleasure to talk to. Thank you, Isadora!

Jan-13-2018 julesmggf  It was so great to speak with you again! Isa has been consistently accurate and many little predictions before (even surprising ones) have come to pass. Great intuition and I consider her a friend at this point. Happy New Year!

Jan-13-2018 Lauren57  THanks so much Isa for all your help. Anyway you can relay me the council name you told me to call in Michael the Archangel council of fairness not sure what you said. Thanks so much!!!

Jan-12-2018 Lauren57  

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