I am a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient, Psychic-Medium, and Tarot instructor with 20+ years experience. I turn my readings over to Spirit offering you quick insight, answers and direction in love, career, and more to help you align with the future of your dreams.

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Aug-21-2017 Tjmcconnell  She is always excellent!! More than 5 stars!! she picks up on where we left off every time. She is the best caring and kind. I recommend!!

Aug-19-2017 Venusrm  Isadora is so beautifully spirited, and was right on point for me, I will talk to her again soon!!!!!

Aug-19-2017 gipsy46  Thanks Isadora, extremely interesting , and very true. Always wish i had more time with you! I was intrigued that you liked my name Gipsy, i missed out on the end sentence what you were trying to tell me.

Aug-17-2017 zeeman  Thanks for a great reading filled with tons of info about future career events that addressed all my questions.

Aug-17-2017 melvernon  Excellent teacher, healer and reader! Highly recommend!

Aug-17-2017 melvernon  Hi Isa. It's Melissa. I can't get through on your line. I called back 5 times and it cuts me off while I'm in hold.

Aug-10-2017 jengil  Thank you so much for last night's reading Isa, I was very upset and after your relay, I know now your main interest was my wellbeing.thank you.

Aug-10-2017 NishaPR  

Aug-10-2017 NishaPR  

Aug-08-2017 julesmggf  Thank you so much for giving me all the information

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