As an International Psychic/Angel Reader, I provide clear answers on finance, career, relationships, manifesting your dreams, and working-out the kinks of life. All messages come from a place of love and honesty not fear and certainly not judgment!

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May-21-2018 Katepowell87  Sheri, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! The guidance and reassurance you’ve given me today means more to me than I can express! Thank you all!!!!!! & 10084;& 65039;

Mar-31-2018 Katepowell87  Sheri, thank you so much for your insight and guidance! It means more to me than you know! & 10084;& 65039;

Mar-29-2018 lonelyguy201  Very Dissapointed, Didn't feel a connection

Jan-28-2018 Jacieeee  

Jan-01-2018 Shany04  Very good reading.

Dec-17-2017 Lyndsie  Im sorry but that reading was really off. I know that is not the way he works as he is a human with compassion and attachment to the special people that have been in his life, not a robot. Sorry but really off and very upsetting.

Nov-15-2017 lindamagnus  good truth and insights thank you

Oct-11-2017 pt2jewels  

Oct-06-2017 Pinkcookie45  Very calming and soothing

Sep-08-2017 TruthSeeker1  Gave very thorough advice and insight on the current events and situations in my life! Thank you Sheri for your insight and intuition. It has guided me more confidently in my situstion.

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