Lelia Star
I am a natural born psychic who can "see" with all of my senses. I will work with your Spirit Guides, and unveil secrets of your past, present and future even providing you with actual dates! Time to embrace your most confident self!

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Oct-20-2017 gsolis3012  The sound was terrible and it just didn't feel right.

Oct-17-2017 lindamagnus  very sweet and good to talk to very much true insight and revelation of the matter thank you will be calling again

Oct-13-2017 Youtha  Thank u lelia you the best

Oct-13-2017 ssgtjordan  Thank you so much!!!! So sorry that I ran out of time! Will call back.

Oct-04-2017 Curtajah  

Aug-27-2017 merlin23  I would describe Lelia as a visionary reader who is thoughtful, kind, and will not waste your time. She is a splendid reader and will go into detail. Thanks for the reading!

Aug-23-2017 Kelly9398  Thank you so much. Could you relay the answer to my last question before we got cut off?

Aug-23-2017 Caplican  It has been a while since I was able to talk with Lelia and it was a wonderful thing to happen tonight. She is so kind and straight forward, with confidence in her sharing her senses with me. I am so grateful she was available!

Aug-01-2017 EMurphy  Thank you Lelia for the reading! Insightful and helps me to know how to navigate the situation with my bf & his work event, much appreciated. Any other feedback or insight you have in relay would be awesome. Thank you again!

May-07-2017 psolarek  I've listened to your reading many times. There are so many layers of enlightening details. Thank you.

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