Lelia Star
I am a natural born psychic who can "see" with all of my senses. I will work with your Spirit Guides, and unveil secrets of your past, present and future even providing you with actual dates! Time to embrace your most confident self!

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Mar-06-2018 kadi105  The reading was generic and could apply to anyone. She seems like she was searching for a hit on a particular subject, however, what was said was not accurate past or present.

Mar-01-2018 Caplican  I have missed Lelia for a while and I knew when she answered I was in for a great reading... she didn't disappoint! I have more information than has surfaced of late and Lelia found it! She is AWESOME!!

Feb-24-2018 Monique15  

Feb-14-2018 lauren11  

Feb-05-2018 Mechtown1991  She was direct and I can tell she was honest. I will recommend her to anyone

Jan-30-2018 kikikarista  She was very informative

Jan-30-2018 EMurphy  Thank you - reading was very in tune with my situation and relationship. Good advice that I will follow. Thank you & God bless!

Jan-20-2018 psolarek  Amazing

Jan-07-2018 Agomo007  

Jan-02-2018 julesmggf  Lelia, I think we got cut off. If you were speaking, I did not hear you. Could you send a relay please? It was about me and K.

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