A 4th gen Psychic Medium & Mystic for 30+ years, I bring guidance, healing & peace to others. Loved Ones, Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides & Pets in Spirit communicate during readings, bringing peace of mind, resolution & answers that await you.

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Aug-14-2017 NishaPR  

Aug-07-2017 Jillann  5 & 11088;& 65039; Hope it all comes true & 10084;& 65039;& 65039;

Jul-20-2017 Limahi12  I hate to leave negative feed back,but I hated my reading with her. She was way way off in her reading. I had to stop her and say I'm sorry but this is all wrong. I'm so disappointed.

Jul-07-2017 SamSow  Thank you for your time. You are a wonderful person and an excellent reader.

Jun-26-2017 aqua444  Pretty right on target :)

Jun-26-2017 aqua444  She has always been right on the money

Jun-12-2017 zozobee  Always so calming to hear your messages. Thank you.

Jun-05-2017 Tjmcconnell  

Jun-04-2017 toniboney  

May-31-2017 morganareeve  I think she did a really good job. She told me a couple things she interpreted to mean one thing but it was really about me, not my loved one. I was calling about my mom who passed. Elizabeth said to walk away from the drama but not the inheritance

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