Feeling alone, confused and/or just need answers? I can lead you through the darkness, into the light and onto the right path, based on your particular set of circumstances. Every step of the way, it is my happiness to personally guide you.

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May-20-2018 believe  

May-18-2018 WreeWree  So very awesome wanted you to know i am remaining very positive these days and calm. Thank you for being you!

May-16-2018 Ambiecwxx  

May-12-2018 FRB1963  

May-11-2018 WreeWree  What you do is truly a blessing and so very amazing!! How you deliver this amazing energy and commitment to helping me and everyone else Iím sure of it, is simply breath taking!! Thank you for being you and thank you for your encouragement and honesty!

Apr-28-2018 Jay11111  

Apr-22-2018 IamIam  Thanks for your lovely support Lucinda 3 Itís just hard to keep up a friendship when he doesnít say much back, maybe itís better to just wait for him to take the next move???

Apr-21-2018 Bogumila  Thank you Lucinda for your optimism and making me feel better & 10084;& 65039;

Apr-21-2018 debneeh  

Apr-21-2018 WreeWree  

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