Feeling alone, confused and/or just need answers? I can lead you through the darkness, into the light and onto the right path, based on your particular set of circumstances. Every step of the way, it is my happiness to personally guide you.

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Jul-15-2018 Taylor20188  Thanks for the reading itís made me realise and got the answer I wanted thank you

Jul-15-2018 WreeWree  

Jul-12-2018 Naddys  Always quick to pick up on the situation. Thank you so much!!

Jul-07-2018 dylan63  great reader and to the point

Jul-04-2018 Bogumila  Always right ! Thank you !

Jul-01-2018 IamIam  Thanks Lucinda! I think itís hard to know, and whether or no to ask him to meet up at some point. Or just wait? Lots of love

Jun-30-2018 Redbottoms  What a gem! Straight, no chaser. Extremely gifted and very kind. Sheís funny too! Glad I found a friend from across the pond. Thank you for connecting deeply with me and for truly understanding where I was coming from. Much love from NY!

Jun-30-2018 rambo786  She is very cute and kind...God bkess her

Jun-29-2018 Naddys  Always helpful and quick to respond. Thank you Lucinda! If you could relay that last part much appreciated. :)

Jun-28-2018 rahulp  would have wanted bit more explanation on my question

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