Feeling alone, confused and/or just need answers? I can lead you through the darkness, into the light and onto the right path, based on your particular set of circumstances. Every step of the way, it is my happiness to personally guide you.

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Jan-17-2018 debneeh  Thank u...please could u send me the words u waa speaking when the call ended

Jan-16-2018 Jordan1992  Thank you so much Lucinda, you are a wonderful person to talk to

Jan-12-2018 believe  

Jan-07-2018 Naddys  Very sweet. Quick to the point, was able to give an accurate reading w a lot of info. Just waiting to see how this unfolds. If you could give me a relay on when I'll seem him next. Thank you Lucinda your a kind soul.

Jan-04-2018 Shany04  Great reading. Spot on with what she said. But could you relay the last part as we got cut off.

Dec-31-2017 WreeWree  Thank You!& 128522;

Dec-26-2017 greger  Got cut off at the end. Please relay if possible.

Dec-19-2017 believe  

Dec-17-2017 Lady91  Thank you so much .everything u said was accurate about my situation and you gave me hope :)

Dec-16-2017 Bonita  Thank you Lucinda, always a pleasure, please relay the last of our conversation.

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