I am a vibrant clairvoyant, deeply devoted to helping you live life to the fullest. For 35+ years, I have given accurate, no-nonsense guidance on matters of the heart, assisted police on cold cases, and will help you in the pursuit of your true passion!

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Feb-13-2018 joneskat  

Feb-07-2018 khayeh  Jackyln when you said Raymond has a need what did you mean and do you have an idea when he will call his dad going in hospital next week are you on tomorrow thank you

Jan-25-2018 Bonita  Thank you Jacklyn, always a joy talking to you. Excellent reading. Please relay what you were saying, we got cut off couldn't hear you. :)

Jan-24-2018 celestite  Highly recommended! Incredibly quick, precise and accurate. She is a combination of gifted and wonderful. Thank you!

Jan-24-2018 buckner  thanks !

Jan-23-2018 SamSow  Thank you. Please relay the last part of your messeage. Many thanks.

Jan-22-2018 dazzlingdiva  Jacklyn is top notch. She has great psychic ability She has great insight The phone logs are so helpful

Jan-17-2018 jaxson  Caring. Honest. Funny.

Jan-11-2018 Karamelo78  Accurate reading and perfect advice as always! Thank you!!

Jan-11-2018 03daykellz  I just love her ... she is is so honest .. can you please send me a relay On the last thing you told me

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