I am a vibrant clairvoyant, deeply devoted to helping you live life to the fullest. For 35+ years, I have given accurate, no-nonsense guidance on matters of the heart, assisted police on cold cases, and will help you in the pursuit of your true passion!

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Jun-18-2018 bejoyyou  She is amazing! Spoke w her two weeks ago and a prediction happened. Itís all about believing in you and it will manifest. She is confident and can read very well!! I am beyond happy with Jacklyn!

Jun-14-2018 SamSow  Jacklyn, it was so nice to hear your voice. One thing for sure you have not lose your insight. Amazing how you mention a name and I never told you. You are so amazing and talented. Million times thank you.

Jun-14-2018 merlin23  Wonderful reading! Very unique insight! Thanks so much!

Jun-13-2018 Bogumila  Excellent reading . Call you again

Jun-08-2018 Bonita  Enjoyed talking to Jacklyn, excellent reading hit on some things that didn't even tell her about, awesome. Relay if we missed anything thank you.

Jun-07-2018 Destiny012  

Jun-06-2018 Sophielove  I can't wait to read with you again, you were so right about him, the job and James! You are amazing. Love reading with you always!!!!! 10 stars!

Jun-06-2018 Sophielove  Your the best! Honest and funny. Your so spot on!

Jun-06-2018 tameeka  Phenomenal reading from a phenomenal woman! Thank you Jackie!

Jun-06-2018 gswafford  awesome read straight to point send relay if possible ty

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