I am a vibrant clairvoyant, deeply devoted to helping you live life to the fullest. For 35+ years, I have given accurate, no-nonsense guidance on matters of the heart, assisted police on cold cases, and will help you in the pursuit of your true passion!

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Nov-17-2017 Pokadotc  The best! She is accurate and fun to talk to.

Nov-15-2017 Sophielove  THANKS AGAIN, NO SUGAR COATING HERE :)

Nov-15-2017 SamSow  Wonderful reader. I have not spoken to Jacklyn for a while and she is still the best.

Nov-11-2017 jaxson  J-a very special lady. Thank you.

Nov-04-2017 Patrice  The best. Thank you for all your help! Are you able to take my call tonight? Thanks!

Nov-01-2017 Sophielove  Honestly, I just love reading with her, she is the best on here. She is honest, straightforward and funny.xoxoxoxox

Nov-01-2017 Marle17  Thank you so much.

Oct-25-2017 Lilypalm  One of the best!

Oct-13-2017 insight  Thank you

Oct-06-2017 SamSow  Thank you so much. Really great reader.

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