I am a vibrant clairvoyant, deeply devoted to helping you live life to the fullest. For 35+ years, I have given accurate, no-nonsense guidance on matters of the heart, assisted police on cold cases, and will help you in the pursuit of your true passion!

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Jul-20-2017 Sallysally  She is spot on with her insight into a man I know very well. He shows affection by building me a chicken coop. Yup. Some women get roses or jewelry, not me.

Jul-20-2017 Redlipstick1  Was a fast reading. Overall it was good feedback for some pretty deep concerns

Jul-20-2017 Lilypalm  Jacklyn is excellent reader. She reads your heart and those you love. I have seen many of her predictions come true. She is truly gifted to see the future. When I doubt, bam a prediction that I couldnt believe was possible happens unexpectedly.

Jul-20-2017 Josephine1  I'm telling all who read this. Jacklyn is amazing and Literally almost all that she has told me has come to pass. She is incredible! XOXO

Jul-19-2017 Nickie22  Jaclyn is amazing. I've been calling her for years. I love honesty and sense of humor.

Jul-19-2017 EllenSaKa  Thank you. I didn't catch the last sentence you had said I like B, but I don't really want him of you know what I mean. Call when there's some news. Thanks again

Jul-19-2017 Lilypalm  Staying the course. Will chat again soon

Jul-19-2017 Tasha9195  Thank you Jacklyn!! Slowly much of the things you predicted months ago have started to unfold!!! Amazing! Hoping the rest unfolds as well, time will tell!

Jul-19-2017 desiringlove  Thanks so much Jacklyn, please send me a relay to let me know any updates you have about J. I don't think I've ever liked someone this much, am really hoping things unfold in my favor. He makes me THANKFUL that I've never had anything work out before.

Jul-19-2017 desiringlove  15 minutes just isn't long enough!! I could talk to you all day :)

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