Angelic Amy
My greatest joy is being of service! With a special ability to connect deeply with others, you will find me a non-judgmental Intuitive Counselor. A multi-gifted Psychic and Medium, I will relay clear answers on any matter to help you in your time of need.

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Jul-14-2018 Bogumila  Thank you ! There was a lot of truth in what you have said

Jul-09-2018 insight  Thank you

Jul-05-2018 caligrl  Please send angel energy for the job and finances. You are so great.

Jul-05-2018 decher  I've had many psychic readings. While I don't want to write bad feedbacks about people who are fakes, I know the difference. Amy has real abilities. If you are browsing this site wondering who you should try out, I recommend this Psychic.

Jul-05-2018 decher  Amy is a real psychic. She said things that rang true. I look forward to her predictions. I also felt an infusion of positive energy from her. I will call her again. Thank you and may God bless.

Jul-03-2018 joneskat  

Jul-03-2018 caligrl  You are awesome and hilarious. I like that you're straightforward, accurate and have a great personality. Please send me an S and or H cat relay. Please, please, please.

Jul-03-2018 insight  Thank you

Jul-03-2018 caligrl  Hi hon. Thank you so much. Could you please send a relay about funny guy? I just want some clarification about his pace in the relationship and respecting me etc. Thanks! xoxo

Jul-02-2018 Bonita  Always on track with my situation, thank you Amy

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