I have been doing metaphysical work for many years. I have learned that we all need someone to talk to sometimes. With the assistance of my cards and my Guides, I am here for you.

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May-30-2017 mezdawg  Thank you so much Mataya. Could you please send a relay about what you said about me and j xx

May-21-2017 WinterJ  

May-18-2017 Andres  

May-05-2017 psolarek  Very helpful!!!!!!

May-03-2017 Jazz888  Straight to the point, intuitive reading . Lovely and will go back !

May-01-2017 Niki7t4  Spot on with her intuition

Apr-08-2017 Sallysally  Very insightful on a challenging relationship. Can call it as she sees it.

Nov-10-2016 Peter777  Thank you for a great session.

Sep-23-2016 Caplican  My first time with Mataya, my regulars were not here, and I needed some quick support... she was absolutely straightforward and offered me validation I needed. She is excellent.. I have a stronger feeling now.

Jun-09-2016 pinot815  Too many questions asked up front. Felt counseled. Didn't want advice. She was nice, though. Just not for me.

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