Welcome to the spiritual realm of Archangel Metatron! With my trusted angel cards and a pendulum I receive information to guide and direct you in your life. I am very insightful and can see things that you canít. I specialize in psychic business advice.

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Oct-05-2017 LUCIE12  

Oct-01-2017 Shany04  Sheís very nice. Donít feel she totally connected. But was right on somewhat of a level.

Sep-21-2017 mezdawg  Thank you so much Julie for the relay! You are very honest and straight to the point which I love to hear! I will call again with an update soon x

Sep-16-2017 joallen  Julie was wonderful! She picked up my situation right away. Truly gifted, kind, and compassionate. Grateful I read with her.

Sep-11-2017 gswafford  

Aug-28-2017 Thumperr  Very helpful and knowledgeable

Aug-02-2017 Almony45  

Jul-28-2017 ambernm  I got my blood drawn right after we talked and my doctor emailed me shortly after that my hcg does not indicate pregnancy and he told me don't even do the second one as I'm not pregnant. So I'm feeling a bit devastated.

Jul-07-2017 kingtaj27  

Jul-07-2017 SamSow  Thanks.

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