Andrea Grace
My Spirit guides have all the info you need. Let me help you on your journey with kind, caring advice that's right to the point. Known for my accuracy and integrity, I tell it like it is but never judge. You'll have peace of mind in your readings with me.

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Jun-18-2018 debbie1215  very good would appreciate thou if you could finish that sentence you were telling me cut me off right when you were telling me how long never heard what you said

Jun-18-2018 pvlove3  Wonderful as always!

Jun-13-2018 skyglass  Thank you for the great reading again! I wish i had more time..

Jun-08-2018 eriley2006  Thank you my dear. Chat soon xoxo

Jun-07-2018 Peter777  A big thank you, was well worth the call. Always spot on. Regards Peter

Jun-07-2018 IamIam  Thanks lovely! Im just very confused now. Nobody is really responding. Hope it will be clearer to me soon.

Jun-05-2018 Stinabina  Compassionate, patient, sincere

Jun-03-2018 eriley2006  To those of you looking for the best psychic look no further! Ive been her client and friend for years and she never disappoints, only amazes! Chat soon xo

May-29-2018 pvlove3  

May-21-2018 gracekealey  She was effortlessly wonderful. She understood my emotional space without even needing to ask. Shes an excellent medical intuitive as well! I look forward to chatting with you again! I deeply appreciate your much needed help.

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