A 3rd generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath. I devised my own time board to give accurate time frames for my predictions. I will connect directly to my guides and provide you with the answers you need to find light in even the darkest situations.

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May-29-2018 mimi1982  Great reading as usual! Can you relay please? Thanks again.

May-18-2018 Raysima  Thank you so much for the reading. You are a blessing and it was great talking with you. You dug deep and literally addressed everything that has been bothering me for many months and you didnt even have to ask me any questions.... WOW!

May-11-2018 stefanie  Always a great reading, she told me my D has money issues but he will came back to me. I hope, grazie cara

Apr-28-2018 Jay11111  

Apr-26-2018 Rhondakay  Wow! She was absolutely awesome. Thank you:)

Apr-22-2018 Destiny012  Sorry my phone losr connection!

Apr-22-2018 jengil  Thank you for today's reading Mariella! =)

Apr-18-2018 Naddys  Very sweet confirmed everything. Quick to pick up and she answered all my questions. Can u relay anything else i should know. Thank u so much :)

Apr-14-2018 GARDENER  First time speaking with Marcella. She was truthful in what she saw but she was also encouraging. Appreciated her pleasant demeanor. Thanks Marcella.

Apr-11-2018 MeganK  Thanks Mariella for the reading. Clear advice

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