A 3rd generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath. I devised my own time board to give accurate time frames for my predictions. I will connect directly to my guides and provide you with the answers you need to find light in even the darkest situations.

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Mar-18-2018 SelenaP  Mariella was amazing as usual and I will continue to call to her for insight and advice. Thank you Mariella for all that you do for us!

Mar-18-2018 gswafford  Always have been accurate on her prediction

Mar-13-2018 joynie  

Feb-18-2018 janaka  Wonderful reading. thank you Mariella. You really helped me gain perspective and peace in my situation. I appreciate your kindness and patience answering my questions, also I love the surprise of a move new home!! love love to you

Feb-16-2018 Tiante101  Her reading was amazing. Love her great energy and positive outlook.

Feb-15-2018 Jayvee  She was honest. Told what she saw not what I wanted to hear.

Feb-11-2018 Debby0611  Wow! First time caller and she was very accurate! She didnít ask me any leading questions and just took off with the reading. Iím very impressed and will call Mariella again!

Feb-07-2018 Katepowell87  Mariella is amazing! Thank you so much for the insight you were able to provide within the short window of time we had together. I will be in touch soon! Have a great day!!

Feb-06-2018 calberkeley  Exactly correct about the situation, a really wonderfully helpful reading. Thank you!

Jan-25-2018 Lauren57  

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