For 25 years, I have delivered thousands of Spirit greetings through Spiritualist churches and private readings. Now, let my Guides offer their insight and guidance to you, communicated with honesty and compassion. You CAN create your desired future!

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Nov-23-2017 Sophielove  Just love you.& 128536; you are so amazing and your predictions are fantastic!!!!

Nov-22-2017 debneeh  

Nov-21-2017 PuttPutt  Thank you for everything. I just love you!!

Nov-20-2017 Sophielove  If you could, could you relay back what he will say when he finds out I moved on Dec 1st? LOL.....:) xoxoxox Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov-20-2017 Sophielove  Thank you so much for your humor and truth.

Nov-19-2017 Barvita  Thank you so much for your guidance and support! Very helpful reading in lots of details, Love you Monica!!!

Nov-19-2017 Sophielove  Hi Monica, I found a new place to live. I'm so happy I am moving when I get back from Seattle, it's perfect. I found it through my cousin. Amen I have a blessing with all the heartache going on!!!

Nov-18-2017 grosse  Nice reading, bothering issues were solved and will call again for sure

Nov-17-2017 Sophielove  Monica could you please send me a relay on what you were saying when we ended the phone call. When I asked you if his heart was breaking too. Thank you so much my friend....xxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Nov-17-2017 Barvita  Thanks for your valuable feedback Monica, you're great advisor!

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