With some trusted help from the wonderful world of Spirit and a unique knowledge (spanning 3 decades) on tarot, numerology, dowsing and African bone-throwing, allow me to help you find direction and clarity with your most pressing concerns and questions.

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Feb-22-2018 Barvita  Dear Shani, thank you for your honest and sincere opinion on my situation, since I know you always have my best interest at heart...and I love you for that!!!

Feb-22-2018 mable91367  Thanks Shani, I will keep you posted.

Feb-22-2018 MissEd  Thank you for your support, guidance and wisdom through this difficult transition! Shani is the real deal, very gifted and sweet. Please send me relay and say a prayer for tomorrow.

Feb-21-2018 SamSow  So sorry for not rating your exceptional reading in a timely fashion. My head has been all over the place. Shani tells it like it is and her voice is soothing making the words easy to accept.

Feb-21-2018 trudy1  

Feb-21-2018 receive2m3  Shani, thanks for your thorough and efficient reading as always. I can’t believe I’m moving locations so quickly by early April. Need to dust off that “devil on my shoulder” as I move to next chapter. And I look forward to reading those cards. Thanks!!

Feb-21-2018 stefanie  Always a pleasure talking to her. She remember me and D. I hope to see him soon. thanks

Feb-20-2018 trudy1  

Feb-20-2018 Josephine1  If I wrote a review about Shani each time she is correct on a matter of our discussions, I would monopolize pages of reviews. This woman is just incredible, sweet, kind consciousness, caring, I could go on. Thank you Shani XOXO

Feb-20-2018 char100  Wonderful xx

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