With some trusted help from the wonderful world of Spirit and a unique knowledge (spanning 3 decades) on tarot, numerology, dowsing and African bone-throwing, allow me to help you find direction and clarity with your most pressing concerns and questions.

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Jul-21-2017 Glaucous1  Shani thank you for being there for me on those nights when I am wired and sleep eludes me :-). You know, were right again,...I pulled success out of thin air in my meeting. I didn't think it was possible

Jul-20-2017 Kelly9398  

Jul-20-2017 Jazz888  The reading I had today (20 July) did not turn up in my phone logs - I hope that nothing went wrong? I still had credit in my account after that. Anyway, I had a wonderful reading both times. u were spot on both times. God bless you.

Jul-20-2017 Barvita  Thank you Shani, you elevate my spirit beyond belief! It's always such a joy talking to you!!! And thank you kindly for your relay notes!

Jul-18-2017 sapegues  Hey lovely, wish I could talk to you so much is going on. Thanks for everything you are truly amazing and wonderful and a blessing. Please check your inbox. I feel fluttery inside and don't know why.

Jul-18-2017 NishaPR  

Jul-18-2017 greger  

Jul-18-2017 char100  So on point and eased my mind xxx

Jul-17-2017 Ben999  Thank you. Feels confirming and I will not critizise myself anymore over this. I choose a peaceful relationship now. xxx

Jul-17-2017 Kelly9398  Thank you so much!!!

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