Dawn Star
I am a genuine psychic, Master Tarot reader and relationships specialist, with an innate ability to see into the heart of anyone and deliver Truth on any matter. Your karmic debt will be explained, your path will be made clear, and your destiny revealed.

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Feb-11-2018 Nickie22  Thank you!

Dec-11-2017 Barvita  Thank you so much for this reading Dawn, it was very helpful!!!

Dec-05-2017 debneeh  The reading was amazing....totally on point

Nov-29-2017 johnboy2209  A truly wonderfull person Dawn Star thank you so much Love and Light xxx

Nov-27-2017 Jazz888  A real mind blowing reading. I can feel your honesty and passion for the truth through her interpretation of the cards. Sadly, when I played back my reading I could only get half of what was recorded - hopefully the IT section can fix this. Thanks dawn!

Nov-17-2017 HuiHuixiang  Pretty accurate.

Nov-11-2017 jp72162  Wow - you picked this situation up so well, thank you! And thank you for the reassurances... and advice.

Nov-11-2017 zozobee  Glad to have had a reading with you. You are always very fast and tell it like you see it. I'll let you know.

Nov-07-2017 eedeed  Always impressive! Dawn has been very accurate in the 2 readings I've had with her. I think there is no question this lady is a very gifted authentic psychic. She is direct, fast and uncanny in what she sees. Do not miss her*****

Oct-19-2017 sandig  Certainly understood my current dilemma. Wish you could have given me a clear choice.

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