A Lightworker, energy healer & conduit for messages from Spirit, I tap into your energy to heal the past, clarify the present & explore the future in all questions life brings: relationships, career, lost objects, pets & loved ones on the Spiritual Plane.

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Jun-03-2018 Teatea36  

May-28-2018 gswafford  Awesome and accurate read can u send relay on ray i tried to listen to re ording but it wasnt all the way clear thanks

May-17-2018 Romie42  She said he had moved on, but he responded to me the next morning at 5am with a loving, poetic statement. She told me he would not respond. This reading was off, but also lacking in any hope or positivity. It hurt to hear, but ended up inaccurate.

May-11-2018 zozobee  Thank you.

May-08-2018 debbie1215  thank you i went and search again stil ldidnt find it

May-07-2018 Kameko1  

May-07-2018 Kameko1  Helpful and illuminating, have never thought of my situation in a different way before, thanks dianna!

May-05-2018 scottw  I want to thank you for help for reason my depression lost my martial art. I find a better place for I met her. She asked me teach me learn sign language. I say sure. Thank you for check my check the truth. I am so happy and better.

May-04-2018 gswafford  Always on point we got cut off not sure what happened but it was so good talking to you again

Apr-26-2018 Kameko1  Very accurate and insightful. Thank you!

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