A Lightworker, energy healer & conduit for messages from Spirit, I tap into your energy to heal the past, clarify the present & explore the future in all questions life brings: relationships, career, lost objects, pets & loved ones on the Spiritual Plane.

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Mar-18-2018 chocolatey  This lady ROCKS

Mar-18-2018 TootieYaya  

Mar-14-2018 chocolatey  I have had several readings with this incredibly gifted woman, a gift to us from the Universe. She is very accurate.

Mar-09-2018 Chantel1  Great first free reading, time goes very quickly

Mar-08-2018 evazquez1190  

Feb-24-2018 zozobee  Great reading from a trusted and appreciated intuitive counselor.

Feb-24-2018 zozobee  Thank you!

Feb-19-2018 marie1218  Thank you for the reading. I instantly felt more at ease after speaking with you. I find it hard to trust anyone any more and I will take this experience and learn from it. I appreciate all that you do.

Feb-10-2018 Nickie22  Thank you

Feb-09-2018 zozobee  Thank you!

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