A Lightworker, energy healer & conduit for messages from Spirit, I tap into your energy to heal the past, clarify the present & explore the future in all questions life brings: relationships, career, lost objects, pets & loved ones on the Spiritual Plane.

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Jan-17-2018 Evitacc  Filled with honesty and magic. Always spot on

Jan-17-2018 Evitacc  

Jan-15-2018 MeganVale  Great insight as always and valuable guidance. Many many thanks.

Jan-13-2018 joanna19  thank you I appreciate your insight and will look into what we talked about.

Jan-10-2018 Marialexis  So caring and thorough. Always right!

Dec-28-2017 Marialexis  The best!

Dec-21-2017 Devashish  she was quite genuine which i really liked and honest when it came to answering questions.. but the quality of the connection was not good probably due to some technical difficulties so I had a hard time hearing her

Dec-11-2017 taylort  The reading was horrible she did not know what she was talking about and kept asking me question instead of giving me answers

Dec-09-2017 gswafford  

Dec-03-2017 Sallysally  Intelligent and compassionate reader. Sees the broader picture around the crisis which is the impetus for making the phone call.

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