I invite those in search of guidance to receive a direct and compassionate reading from an experienced energy reader.Specializing in Intuitive Channeled Guidance, I will tune directly into the heart of your matter and deliver the answers you seek.

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Jul-10-2018 Bogumila  

Jul-08-2018 joneskat  

Jul-05-2018 insight  Thank you

Jun-29-2018 terrye  Thank you so much greatly appreciated!!

Jun-28-2018 gipsy46  Thank you so very much for a wonderful reading.

Jun-25-2018 Ajayralli  

Jun-25-2018 Barvita  What an incredible intuitive you are!!! You have sensed so much about the man I asked for and answered all my questions without sugarcouting! Thank you dear Isthemus for your time, you're the best!!!

Jun-24-2018 insight  Thank you

Jun-24-2018 Maddworld  Thank you so much I apreciate your advice You made it much easier for me to stand firm in my decision and gave me hope for my future thank you God bless

Jun-14-2018 Shany04  Thank you!! Always nice to speak with you. You always give me a different perspective to think about. I appreciate you

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