I invite those in search of guidance to receive a direct and compassionate reading from an experienced energy reader.Specializing in Intuitive Channeled Guidance, I will tune directly into the heart of your matter and deliver the answers you seek.

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May-17-2018 asidhu  When are u back on needed to talk to you please message me back needed u to know the guy ur talking about through work I am in the midst of meeting him please update me even with a message

May-14-2018 insight  Thank you

May-12-2018 stefanie  wow always an angel. Last time I talk to her was 3 years ago. She describe D to a T. I hope he contact me soon and show me that he can change. Thanks again my dear friend

May-11-2018 Bonita  Thank you Isthemus, great reading, thank you for the relay, I will question.

May-07-2018 insight  Thank you

May-07-2018 gswafford  Supportive and accurate thank u

May-02-2018 gswafford  Awesone read I love her ..... Can u please send relay on outcome if i keep boundries with robbie will it eventually whip him in shape or push him away if I stay cpmpletely firm

Apr-30-2018 jp72162  Not enough words for you - wise, compassionate, gifted and just a joy to talk with. Thank you for all you do for me. xoxo BW

Apr-29-2018 insight  Thank you

Apr-26-2018 Barvita  Thank you for all your sweet energy Isthemus! You've soothed my mind big time and provided lots of valuable information!

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