I combine psychic mediumship with advanced metaphysics to see your past, present, and future with in depth detail and high accuracy to help you eliminate challenges and create the future that you desire.

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Sep-13-2017 Brighty  

Sep-10-2017 lilith926  Very accurate and fast answers!

Sep-08-2017 jengil  Thank you so much for the detailed reading. It was great to look at this from another angle to make a more informative decision. What you read makes a lot of sense.

Sep-07-2017 jazzjaz  He was spot on I did not have to tell him much he is very straight to the point!!!

Sep-07-2017 Sallysally  Enlightening to have a conversation with Steve on personality characteristics. I know the hour of my birth so that helps tremendously. My sun sign does not reflect who I am. The challenge is to find someone who compliments me.

Aug-30-2017 jengil  Thank you Steve, first time caller and you picked up specific details. Thank you so much!

Aug-30-2017 2012new  Thank you - please relay me. You asked if I'm sure he's single - yes I believe he is- are you seeing something different? Thank you

Aug-12-2017 Zenobia  Excellent and inspirational

Jul-30-2017 Daniellesmom  Thank you, Steve!

Jul-30-2017 Daniellesmom  Steve is a terrific astrologer, it was an honor to have received a chart reading from him today. He also picked up on a former colleague of mine extremely accurately.

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