Need an accurate, affordable reading? A way to contact lost loved ones? Insights on your purpose in life? I can help! As an experienced psychic and spiritual counselor, I have been guiding clients safely toward a better life for over 30 years.

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Apr-03-2018 alisonreid  

Apr-03-2018 Daisy1958  Tarot reading, hard for me to understand need it to be in regular wording

Mar-27-2018 Naddys  Aeanos was very calm and patient. He picked up on the situation pretty well, he seemed to be a little unsure at times but explained the tarot well. He also sent a really nice relay.

Mar-26-2018 mimi1982  I am honestly happy with my reading. He is very detailed. Thanks again for your honesty.

Mar-26-2018 mimi1982  Great reading. Very thorough . I really appreciate the relay. Thanks again. You are awesome.

Mar-25-2018 IamIam  Thanks! 3

Mar-25-2018 jeepie  His readings are spot on. Highly recommended. =)

Mar-23-2018 EMurphy  Solid and quick reading with wise feedback. I would read with him again. He seems grounded and realistic - no fluff, just a solid reading and good advise. Thank you!

Mar-12-2018 Katepowell87  Thank you so much for the insight you’ve provided. I will definitely heed your advice!

Mar-03-2018 believe  

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