Mountain Sage
Do you have burning questions? Santa Fe's own Sage, with 32 years of experience, follows the path of her lineage in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Get the in-depth answers you are seeking!

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Nov-24-2017 Barvita  It was again a great pleasure talking to you Mountain Sage! Thank you for your wisdom and detailed messages you convey through your spirit!!

Nov-24-2017 Rushinancy  Sage, please send me a relay to my question as we only got to speak for 2 minutes and we got cut off. Will my ex boyfriend be contacting me, and when exactly will I hear from him? Thank you

Nov-21-2017 Barvita  Thank you dear Sage for always empowering advice and your support is invaluable!

Nov-17-2017 solemio  Wow. Thank you. I feel thrilled after talking to you. I really hope this will come true. Very supportive.

Nov-12-2017 janaka  wonderful intuitive reading. Thank you so much

Nov-06-2017 Barvita  Thank you dearly Sage for this honest and very compassionate reading!

Nov-05-2017 jp72162  Thank you Sage for your wisdom and guidance. Our last reading felt really good - fingers crossed, having faith.

Nov-01-2017 gswafford  please send relay on relocating this month and home purchase

Oct-28-2017 Barvita  Thank you Sage for your supportive feedback, always happy to receive your lovable guidance!!!!

Oct-24-2017 SamsGirl  Very insightful and understanding . Highly recommend.

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